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Chosen official translation (EN):

In International Class 9:
Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers, recording discs; Compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; Computers; Computer software; Computer games programs downloadable from the Internet (computer software); Computer software for data processing; Virtual reality game software; Virtual reality software; Downloadable video game programs; Video games (computer games) in the form of computer programs recorded on data carriers; Video games programs [computer software]; Games software for use with computers; Computer games (Programs for -); Video films; Television films; Computer programs for video games; Pre-recorded videos; Animated cartoons; Portable computers; Electronic publications downloadable; Downloadable graphics for mobile phones.

In International Class 16:
Stationery; Books; Brochures; Fly sheets; Printed matter; Manuals; Periodical printed publications; Printed packaging materials of paper; Containers of card for packaging; Teaching materials (except apparatus); Placards of paper or cardboard; Posters of paper; Brochures relating to games; Prospectuses.

In International Class 28:
Games and playthings; Playing cards; Dolls; Soft toys; Gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; Electronic games; Hand-held units for playing electronic games.

In International Class 38:
Telecommunications; Providing chatrooms on the Internet; Electronic mail, message sending; Electronic mail; Communication by computer terminals; Computer-aided transmission of messages and images; Message sending; Providing chatrooms on the Internet; Electronic mail, message sending; Electronic mail; Communication by computer terminals; Computer-aided transmission of messages and images; Message sending.

In International Class 41:
Education; Providing of training; Entertainment; Sporting and cultural activities; Organising of competitions for education; Organization of competitions (education or entertainment); Electronic game services and competitions provided by means of the Internet; Organisation of competitions (education or entertainment); Arranging of exhibitions for entertainment purposes; Publication of texts; Providing online electronic publications; Publication of texts, books, magazines and other printed matter; Publication of brochures; Electronic games, including providing computer games online or by means of a global computer network; Conducting online games; Providing information on-line relating to computer games and computer enhancements for games; Providing Internet games (non-downloadable); Production of animation; Film production for entertainment purposes; Production of animated motion pictures.

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