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In International Class 3:
Skin care products for the human body, including liquid and powdered soap, medicated and antibacterial soaps, hair and body shampoo and hand and body creams and lotions; premoistened or impregnated cleansing tissues or wipes; cosmetic pads, tissues or wipes.

In International Class 5:
Sanitary napkins, towels, pads, tampons, panties and panty-liners, towels, all for hygienic or menstrual purposes; absorbent pads, shields and undergarments for incontinence purposes; wipes and tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; incontinence pads or napkins, absorbent sanitary shields and underclothing, protective chair and bed pads, all for incontinence purposes; protective undergarments for personal absorbency needs.

In International Class 16:
Absorbent paper tissue products for hygienic, cleaning or wiping purposes, including handkerchiefs of paper, towels of paper and table napkins of paper; disposable wipes and tissues; garments made primarily of paper, including disposable pants and nappies, disposable bibs; printing and writing paper; disposable pants and nappies, disposable liners for pants and baby wipes.

In International Class 25:
Clothing for babies and children, training pants and bibs; disposable protective clothing for service and industrial use, including gowns, hoods and caps, face masks, boot and shoe covers, laboratory coats, jackets, aprons, protective overalls and gloves; underwear; adult bibs; disposable training pants; nappies and baby pants.

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