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In International Class 35:
Advertising; Business management; Business administration; Office functions; Retail, wholesale and/or mail order services, including via the Internet and/or teleshopping programmes, in relation to foodstuffs, natural stimulants, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco goods, health food shop articles, pharmacy articles, cosmetic articles, perfumery, medicines, goods for the health sector, sanitary articles, cleaning preparations, household goods, kitchenware, glassware, ceramicware, porcelain goods, plastic goods, hardware store articles, DIY articles, garden articles, construction articles, hobby articles, vehicles, vehicle requisites, vehicle accessories, bicycles, bicycle requisites, bicycle accessories, computers, computer accessories, computer software, electric goods, electronic goods, sound carriers, data carriers, recorded CDs, recorded DVDs, multimedia apparatus, multimedia accessories, telecommunications apparatus, machines, tools, metal goods, stationery, printed matter, office requisites, craft articles, decorative articles, seasonal articles, festive articles, party articles, themed jewellery, school articles, photographic apparatus, photographic articles, photographic accessories, jewellery, clocks and watches, musical instruments, bags, saddlery, furniture, furnishings, decorative goods, clothing, footwear, rucksacks, accessories, spectacles, umbrellas, parasols, textile goods, home textiles, haberdashery, tents, awnings, travel articles, toys, sporting articles, sports equipment, fitness apparatus, leisure articles, camping articles, animal requisites, candles, illuminants, fuels; Assortment of the aforesaid goods, for others, for sales purposes; Collection of goods, for others, for presentation purposes; Presentation of goods in communications media for retail; Import-export agencies; Arranging of trade fairs and/or exhibitions for commercial and/or advertising purposes; Arranging and conducting of trade fairs and/or exhibitions for business and/or advertising purposes; Publicity agencies; Planning of advertising initiatives; Presentation of companies on the Internet and/or in other media; Publication of printed matter (including in electronic form), for advertising purposes; Direct marketing services; Direct advertising services; Creating advertisements; Preparing advertisements for others; Radio and/or television advertising; Publication of publicity texts; Layout services for advertising purposes; Marketing; Public relations; On-line advertising in computer networks; Bill-posting; Placing advertisements for others; Dissemination of advertising; Dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; Writing of publicity texts; Sales promotion (for others); Publication of publicity texts; Advertising by mail order; Direct mail advertising (tracts, brochures, printed matter, samples); Demonstration of goods; Good and service presentations; Advertising and marketing services; Marketing studies; Organisation and arranging of advertising events; Sponsorship search; Sponsoring in the form of advertising; Providing of contact data for advertising purposes; Advertising on the Internet, for others; Rental of advertising space, including on the Internet; Operational management; Professional business consultancy; Business and management advice; Business organization consultancy; Organisational consultancy; Planning and/or monitoring of business developments with regard to organisational matters; Development of usage concepts for real estate with regard to professional business matters (facility management); Personnel placement; Employment placement services; Personnel recruitment; Human resources consultancy; Human resources management; Personnel management advice; Psychological testing for the selection of personnel; Support for employees with regard to business matters; Procurement services, for others (purchasing goods and/or services for other businesses); Auctioneering, including on the Internet; Arranging and/or concluding of commercial transactions, for others, including within the framework of e-commerce; Arranging of contracts, for others, for the buying and selling of goods and/or the providing of services, in particular arranging of telecommunications contracts, contracts for the supplying of ring tones for telephones, contracts for the providing of repair and/or maintenance services, contracts for the supplying of flowers and/or plants, contracs for electricity supplying; Arranging of contracts, for others, for the providing of training services; Arranging of subscriptions for the publications of others, in particular newspaper subscriptions; Arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; Arranging of commercial and/or business contacts, including on the Internet; Arranging of business contacts; Cost-price analysis; Price comparison services; Compiling, systemising, maintenance and/or updating of data in computer databases; Data-base management; data processing services; Data management; Providing business information and consultancy for consumers (consumer consultancy); Providing business information; News clipping services; Systemization of information into computer databases; Administration and/or compilation of computer databases; Administrative processing of purchase orders; Compiling and providing of price and statistical information for trade and commerce; Providing information on organisational and/or professional business matters in connection with retail services; Providing information on advertising markets; Consumer consultancy; Photo copying services; Shop window dressing; Rental of office machines and/or equipment; Rental of photocopying machines; Rental of vending machines; Rental of sales stands; Planning, arranging and/or conducting of measures for attracting customers and customer loyalty initiatives, in particular mailing, discount, voucher and/or reward schemes; Conducting lotteries and/or competitions, being advertising initiatives; Conducting bonus and/or reward schemes, being customer loyalty schemes for marketing purposes; Attracting customers and/or customer care by means of mail order advertising; Call centre services, Namely service support via hotlines within the framework of administrative order processing, the receiving of customer inquiries and/or complaints by telephone; Organisational consultancy via call centres; Operating call centres, namely administrative processing of orders, bookings, complaints, cancellations and requests for information, providing information to companies, goods and services offers, price comparisons; Data processing and/or data administration for others, namely electronic data storage; Rental and leasing of shop fittings, included in class 35, namely office machines and equipment, photocopying machines, automatic vending machines, cash register systems, cash desks, sales stands, advertising space; Services provided via telecommunications networks, namely secretarial services.

In International Class 36:
Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs; Insurance brokerage; Monetary affairs; Financial services; Consultancy and advisory services relating to insurance, finance and pensions; Providing of financial advice and information; Arranging banking services, in particular giro, savings, finance and insurance agreements; Credit bureaux and financing of credit for wholesale and retail purposes; Real estate administration, real estate agencies, rental of real estate, in particular shop premises; Leasing of real estate, in particular shop premises; Land leasing; Hire-purchase financing; Leasing agencies; Leasing of space in retail premises; Rental of offices; Renting of flats; Apartment house management; Management of land; Purchase financing; Issue of phone card services; Management of bonus and/or reward schemes for customer loyalty purposes by means of issuing vouchers, discount tickets, tokens of value and/or customer cards with payment functions; Issuing data carriers for entering bonus and reward transactions (included in class 36); Issuing of credit cards, service or bonus cards with payment functions; Charitable fundraising, for others.

In International Class 39:
Transport; Packaging and storage of goods; Travel arrangement; Storage services; Wrapping and packaging of goods; Parcel delivery; Logistics services (included in class 39), in particular order entry, storage logistics, procurement logistics, distribution logistics and returns logistics; Forwarding agency services; Tracking the location of goods for logistical purposes; Transportation information; Packaging and storage of goods; Storage information; Arranging the storage and/or packaging of goods; Arranging transport services for passengers and/or goods by land, water and/or air vehicles; Providing and/or organising transport services; Courier services; Arranging the transport of goods, passengers and/or travellers by land and/or water; Arranging and conducting the delivery of mail order goods; Transport and delivery of goods by road, rail, sea and/or air; Flower delivery; Travel agency services (included in class 39); Operating travel agencies; Tour operators; Information and consultancy in relation to trave and transport; Information in the field of tourism, transport and/or travel; Traffic information; Travel information services; Providing flight arrival and departure information; Sale of tickets for air transport; Travel arrangement and/or organisation; Transport of persons by road, rail, sea and/or air; Organising, arranging, booking and/or providing of travel, holiday travel, tours, cruises, excursions, day trips, outings and/or sightseeing; Accompaniment of travellers and/or luggage; Porterage; Providing of parking facilities and/or parking place services; Rental, booking and/or arranging of motor vehicles, trailers, bicycles; Rental of parking places and/or warehouses; Reservation services (included in class 39); Reservation of flight tickets, tickets for cruises and/or railway tickets; Rental, leasing and/or chartering of land vehicles, aeroplanes or ships; Arrangement of transport; Refrigerator rental; Rental of storage containers; Rental of warehouses; Parking place rental; Garage rental; Rental and leasing of shop facilities, included in class 39, namely refrigerators, refrigerating installations, refrigerating machines and refrigerating apparatus, storage containers, transport and storage pallets, transport and storage containers, trolleys (vehicles), push carts (shopping trolleys), sales tables, racks for the storage and presentation of goods; Services provided by means of telecommunications networks, namely travel agency services.

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