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Detailed trademark information from the official
European Union trademark database (OHIM/CTM)




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Date of registration:

Expiry date:


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Acquired distinctiveness:

Graphic representation:

No entry for application number

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List of goods and services

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Chosen official translation (EN):

In International Class 35:
Business management and advice; business management advisory and consultancy services; business consultancy and advisory services; business management and organization consultancy services; business administration; business consultancy; business consultancy and advisory services; personnel consultancy; advertising agency services; marketing; market research; market analysis; advertising; opinion polling.

In International Class 36:
Financial management; financial and investment consultancy services; mutual funds; arranging investments, in particular capital investments, financing services and insurance; brokerage of shares or stocks and other securities; real estate affairs; real estate consultancy; real-estate valuations; real-estate brokerage services; property investments; insurance; monetary affairs; financial affairs; financial planning; investment analysis; investment consultation; fund investment services; financial analysis and consultation; information services relating to finance and insurance; arranging of insurance; insurance consultancy; insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs.

In International Class 41:
Providing of training; conducting of courses; training and further training consultancy.

Application language:

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Exhibition priority:

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