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Chosen official translation (EN):

In International Class 9:
Machine-readable magnetic cards carrying encoded information, automated equipment for reading magnetic cards and extracting data from cards, encoded cards, magnetic, authorising purchases on credit, identity cards, magnetic cards containing active components and being data carriers, magnetic loyalty cards, magnetic debit cards, magnetic discount cards.

In International Class 16:
Publications (Printed -); Printed matter; Magazines, coupons, vouchers, paper labels, stickers; Stationery; Printing sets, portable (office requisites); Files; Travellers' cheques; Training and instructional materials.

In International Class 35:
Organisation and management of customer loyalty programmes, management of purchases and transations; Administrative services relating to book-keeping and bank statements; Wholesaling and retailing of vehicle fuel, oils and accessories, foodstuffs, industrial articles, stationery, magazines (periodicals), books, maps, car atlases and other articles for general use;Radio advertising, television advertising, online advertising on a computer network, press advertising; Dissemination of advertising matter and publicity material; Market analysis; Cost-price analysis; Issuing and providing customer loyalty cards.

In International Class 36:
Issuance of debit cards, debit card services; Electronic payment services.

In International Class 37:
Vehicle service stations (refuelling and maintenance); Vehicle service stations, namely vehicle wash; Anti-rust treatment for vehicles; Oil changing services; Vehicle and trailer repair; Tyre changing services; Retreading of tyres; Vehicle service stations.

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