About Markify

Markify is a technology driven SaaS company, providing best-in-class searching and watching services to trademark professionals.

At the heart of Markify you find the trademark similarity search algorithm, which is the most accurate in the world. Finding all potential conflicts but with less noise.

Read the independent research study https://www.markify.com/pdf/Trademark_Search_Tools_Analysis_Paper-P2a.pdf.

The trademark search algorithm has been developed by a team of mathematicians, linguists and computer scientists. It is built on machine learning and statistical analysis of more than 1 million actual cases where a government official has ruled that two trademarks are confusingly similar. The trademark search technology is constantly upgraded and adapted to new countries, new languages and new case law findings.

Markify was launched in December 2010. Today thousands of small and large law firms and brand owners, all over the world, use the Markify technology. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founding team